My Podcast on Afrofuturism and Techno Music

Here is the link to the podcast that I researched and produced for my Africana Studies Senior Seminar final project.

I investigated Afrofuturism and thought about how techno, particularly Detroit Techno, fit into Afrofuturist themes and ideologies.  Furthermore, I thought about what the “cultural-exchange” between primarily Black Detroit Techno and primarily white Euro (specifically Berlin) techno really means in the context of cultural appropriation and exploitation.  I posit that erasure of black cultural expression is intrinsic to the white supremacist project and contemporary Euro techno juggernauts that are interested in cultivating Detroit through techno music certainly have the right intentions (and the capital that many Detroit natives lack) but need to think carefully about negotiating their position in a historically black and disenfranchised city.

– Kristy Choi

Brown University

My sources (for further exploration):

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Media or Online
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